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According to the microfilm listing, the Meldezettel are POPULATION REGISTERS for individual residents of the city of Vienna, Austria. The cards include name, birth date and place, marital status, old and new places of residence, dates of arrival and departure. Occasionally the name of spouse and children are listed. Most records range from 1890 to 1925. The beginning name on each microfilm is shown. The same name may also appear on the preceeding microfilm. All male (männliche) names are filed first, followed by all female (weibliche) names in a separate sequence.

The form will return a list of suggested FHL form numbers you can try and order from any Family History Library branch or from the Salt Lake HQ.

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Description of Organization of Meldezettel Films

The Meldezettel forms are in a distinctly non-trivial order. I don't know if it was intended to challenge future genealogists or if the organizer enjoyed brainteasers or what, but it's a hassle. It's "explained" on the film like this (exceprted from the FHL catalog):
PHONETIC FILING ORDER OF NAMES: An unusually complex system was used for filing surnames. This system files letters of the alphabet in a different sequence than usual. The following instructions are recommended to help locate the surname you are seeking in these files. Here are described the values of the letters of the alphabet, and their unusual filing orders. THE ALPHABET: (A), (Au), (E, Ä, Ö), (Ei, Eu, Ej, Ey, Ai, Aj, Ay), (I, Ie, J, Ü, Y), (O, Ou), (U), (B, P), (C, G, K, Q, X, Ch, Ck, Cs, Cz, Ks), (D, T, Th), (F, V, W), (H), (L), (M), (N, Nck, Ng, Nk), (R), (S, Sch, Sz, Cz, Tsch, Tz, Z). Note that all vowels are filed before the consonants, rather than in their normal alphabetic sequence. Letters or combinations of letters within the same parenthesis are used interchangeably and thus not regarded as different in filing. Each of the letters or combination of letters occupy one space in the filing sequence. Names beginning with vowels are filed by the first vowel sound, and then by the next vowel sound if present, and then by the first consonant sound. They are then filed by the second consonant sound grouped in order first by the vowels preceding the second consonant. Names with no vowels preceding the second consonant are filed following those that have vowels between the first and second consonants. This pattern continues until the end of the word, filing by each consonant, first running through all the vowels preceding that consonant. Names beginning with consonants are filed together with their sound-alike group. After the first consonant sound, names are filed by the second consonant sound grouped in order first by all of the vowels preceding the second consonant. Names with no vowel preceding the second consonant are filed following those that have vowels between the consonants. This pattern continues for the entire name.

Internal Index Table

The above character listing has been expanded experimentally to the following list. The number to the left of each character set is used as a "representative" for the codes above. Vowel codes are subscripted to indicate their grouping with the subsequent consonant.
  1. A a á Á à ǎ ã
  2. Au au
  3. E Ä Ö e ee aye aie ä ö Ě ě é ê
  4. Ei Eu Ej Ey Ai Aj Ay ei ey eu ej ai aj ay
  5. i ie j y ü Ü í ý ĭ
  6. o oe ou ó ő ò
  7. u ú ŭ ű
  8. (placeholder appended to vowels without a following consonant)
  9. I Ie J Y
  10. O Oe Ou
  11. U
  12. B P b p pp
  13. C G K Q X Ch Ck Cs Cz Ks Chs c g k q x ch ck cs cz ks chs Ć ć č Č
  14. D Dh T Th d dh t th dt Tsch
  15. Ph F V W f v w
  16. H h
  17. L l hl
  18. M m
  19. N Nck Ng Nk n nck ng nk nn Å„
  20. R r hr ř
  21. S Sh Sch Sz Tz s sch sz tsch tz ß Ž ž Š š ś ź st ss
  22. St
  23. Z z dz ds

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